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data manipulation

22 Mar Data Manipulation – Worse Than Theft

Over the years I’ve seen cybercrime evolve and take many different forms. From mere system access to much more egregious attacks like planting malware, stealing data, or denying service. All of these attacks can cause catastrophic damages, especially when data is stolen or compromised–potentially disrupting the lives of countless individuals and jeopardizing the very existence of the business. But there is yet...

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Security breaches

21 Mar Security Breaches Often Underestimated

About a year ago the IRS reported that they’d been hacked. I remember it well, wondering if I was one of the 114,000 victims. The investigation found that the hackers had access to the entire tax returns of those compromised, including their social security numbers, home address, incomes, and every other sensitive bit of data included on their returns. I...

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Fort Friday security blog

18 Mar Fort Friday Security Clips—FBI to Apple: Let me in, Ransomware: 216 Degrees Fahrenheit

The FBI is warning drivers to watch out for automobile malware attacks. ZDNet says the research highlighted that the car's 'attack surface', which consisted mostly of wireless components, could be used to transmit controller area network (CAN) messages to the electronic control units (ECU). It prompted Chrysler to recall 1.4 million vehicles and mail customers a USB drive with a...

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17 Mar AceDeceiver, iOS Malware

A brand new malware strain was recently discovered by security researchers at Palo Alto Networks dubbed “AceDeceiver.” This new strain of iOS malware can successfully infect non-jailbroken devices and jailbroken devices alike. Security researcher and engineer, Claud Xiao writes at the Pala Alto Research Centr blog: "What makes AceDeceiver different from previous iOS malware is that instead of abusing enterprise certificates as...

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security myths featured image

16 Mar Security Myths about Your Employees

So as “the computer guy” in the family, I’m the one everyone calls when their PC starts performing slower than cold molasses running uphill. Almost always I find malware to be the main culprit. After a painstaking job of cleaning and hardening, I then begin my duty as a security professional to educate about not clicking on email attachments, staying...

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15 Mar SWIFT Credentials Bank Heist

In a recent interview with Bangladesh Bank spokesman, Subhankar Saha, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that about $100 million was taken out of its account with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York early in February using an interbank messaging system known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications). It appears that the hackers stole Bangladesh Bank’s credentials for the SWIFT messaging system, which...

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15 Mar When a Computer Security Firm Gets Hacked

My normal routine includes a near daily study of security breaches and incidents. Today I came across a security hack that was especially painful. In what must be an incredibly embarrassing incident for Staminus Communications, the company announced last week that they had been breached. It’s bad enough to be hacked at all, but when you’re a computer security firm and...

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data breach building FE

14 Mar Major Data Breach at Ofcom by Ex-employee

In yet another major data breach, Ofcom just announced that an ex-employee was caught offering confidential data to a competitor. It’s believed that as much as 6 years worth of data was stolen. What makes this case so unusual is that Ofcom was informed about the breach by senior executives at the competitive company where the data was being offered. That...

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Using in-flight Wi-Fi? Careful you might get hacked

10 Mar In-flight Wi-Fi, Careful You might get hacked!

In-flight Wi-Fi networks could rip the door right off your digital privacy portal. That's no joke either, as it might also provide a convenient entrance for bad threat actors. Sometimes convenience isn't all it is cut up to be. When it comes to privacy and security—in-flight Wi-Fi network services such as GoGo Wireless may not have your best interests at heart. Remember this:...

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Guy Eisenkot Fortscale 2.5 release

09 Mar Fortscale 2.5 – Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid)

Today, we continue our discussion with Guy Eisenkot, Product Manager at Fortscale, regarding new features in Fortscale’s 2.5 release. Bill: “So Guy, what other new features are you particularly excited about in this new release?” Guy: “The second feature I want to talk about is support for Cisco’s pxGrid. For those of you who are not familiar with it, pxGrid is an...

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