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10 May When Someone Else Gets Hacked – Watch Out!

Those responsible for their organization’s data security may be thinking “I’m sure glad that didn’t happen to us” when they learn that some other company experienced a data breach. But in reality, when someone else get’s hacked, especially a big enterprise, it can put everyone else at greater risk of being breached – and we need to watch out all...

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Fortscale momentum continues

06 May Fortscale Leadership Momentum Continues

It's an exciting time for Fortscale as our company continues to expand at a rapid pace—it is also crucial to have a top-notch leadership team in place that can keep Fortscales' momentum growing. We are delighted to announce the appointment of three key members that we believe will aid us in not only surpassing our immediate goals, but will also help develop our long-term strategy as our...

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Fort Friday Security Clips

06 May Fort Friday Security Clips— Fortscale, Locky & DDoS

Fortscale is growing: We recently added three key members to our expanding leadership team. Joining Fortscale are David Somerville as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Sathvik Krishnamurthy to Fortscale’s Board of Directors, and Patrick Heim to the Fortscale Advisory Board. All three offer deep security and executive experience, and will help guide Fortscale as it enters its next phase of growth. “Fortscale’s...

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Gambling with Sloppy Security Practices

05 May Gambling with Sloppy Security Practices

  This week I’ve been studying a number of recent, very large data breaches. The victims all had one thing in common—sloppy security practices. Unfortunately these organizations are not alone in their casual attitudes about security. Everywhere we look I see evidence that far too many companies are playing a very high stakes game of gambling with sloppy security practices. Here are...

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Top 10 Ways to spot a phishing atttack

04 May Top 10 Ways to Spot a Phishing Expedition

The FTC defines phishing as "Internet fraudsters who impersonate a business to trick you into giving out your personal information." How to Spot a Phishing attack I continue to be amazed at the number and sophistication of phishing attacks. The just released 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that stolen user credentials continue to be the most common method cybercriminals use...

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ransomware is like shackles on your data

03 May RANSOMWARE —It’s like VISA—It’s everywhere you want to be

Since the start of 2016, Ransomware has been making all the headlines.  Unlike a traditional break in and pilfer of data, ransomware renders a victim’s computer system(s) utterly useless unless a “ransom”, in BitCoins is paid.  When we think of a hacker trying to earn a buck taking on “the man”, we generally think about FORTUNE 500 companies or the...

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2016 year of ransomware

02 May 2016—The Year of Ransomware

Earlier last month, several police departments in Lincoln County Maine was attacked with Ransomware. That’s pretty bold since law enforcement generally does not pay ransom. They are the guys that are supposed to stop folks from having to pay extortion money. Ransomware has been around since 2005, but we’ve seen a significant escalation in recent years, starting in 2012 and continuing through...

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Fort Friday Security Clips

29 Apr Fort Friday Security Clips— Hackers Paradise & Rule 41

This week in Hacker's paradise—Motherboard reports 7 Million Minecraft Community "Lifeboat" user accounts was hacked.  Though Lifeboat had been aware of the breach for quite some time, they did not feel it was important enough to alert their user base. Instead, they chose to quietly force a password reset. I have family members that are avid Lifeboat players, and I'm not...

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security vendors new government program

28 Apr U.S. Government Now Engages with New Security Vendors in Days, not Years

I just returned from a fascinating couple of days in Silicon Valley at the IT Security Entrepreneur’s Forum. The event was packed with information about how security providers can better fill security needs, work together, and become more effective. But perhaps the most important thing I heard at the event was from Dr. Douglas Maughan of DHS when he explained a...

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insider threat

27 Apr Insider Threats versus Insider Threat Intelligence

Earlier today, I was exposed to a great piece of technology.  In the interest of this not looking like an advertorial, let’s just call it the Acme Project (AP).  So many technologies are advancing today that advise they provide insider threat protection.  Regardless if you are creating policies or leveraging algorithms that look for anomalous behavior, you have some really...

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