User and Entity Behavioral Analytics

insider threat security gates

26 Apr Insider Threat Security Gates—Wide Open

Lacking insider threat security? When an employee departs—will she or he have the ability to use prior credentials after termination? Recently, A U.S. federal court in Wisconsin ordered Indian IT provider: Tata Consultancies (TCS), to pay Epic Systems $940 million in damages. Why? Because an employee was using credentials from a previous contracting job to access Epic's Web portal, whereby this portal contained...

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01 Feb UEBA Detects Attacks at Initial Reconnaissance & Scanning

Years ago I saw a Black Hat presentation that outlined the various phases of a successful attack. I don’t recall the author’s name, but I remember distinctly the 5 different phases he outlined. They stuck in my mind because he claimed that all successful attacks will proceed through each of these 5 stages. Initially I thought that was a pretty...

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